Dr. Widen’s Profile

Dr. Bernard Widen retired from dentistry in ’86 and discovered art in ’87 (after a planned retirement in dental research didn’t work out).

Progressing through acrylic, colored pencils and watercolor, he found oil painting suited his temperament and provided “pigment power” to execute the strongest rendering.

The artist’s subject matter is varied, however, he preferred painting people, particularly portraits and completed a commission for Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio which is hanging in the Ohio State University¬†¬†Moritz Law Library.

Senator Howard Metzenbaum Letter to Dr. WidenSenator Howard Metzenbaum Photo
Warren Buffet even has a painting that Dr. Widen painted for him.¬† Dr. Widen’s goal was to capture the essence of any subject, paint beyond those parameters and create an exciting emotional experience that causes the viewer to say “WOW”.

Dr. Widen passed away at the age of 96, his future contributions to the art world will be missed. Enjoy what he has created in the 30 years he has painted.

Online Gallery of Chicago Artist Dr. Bernard Widen (1920-2017) – Oil Paintings